Enhance your mind to live life your way

Growing up in an immigrant family, your life isn’t always your own.

Your life is influenced in both negative and positive ways by your family and cultural background. You may have tiger parents. The expectation to succeed can seem like both a blessing and a curse. Culture clashes are often difficult to navigate, especially when our families tell us one thing, and society tells us another.

So when you try to carve out your own path, you may be met on all sides with disapproval, criticism and shame. As a result, you may develop self-limiting or even self-destructive behaviours that prevent you from being the best version of yourself.

Some issues you can face include: • Anxiety • Not as independent • Guilt or Shame • Self esteem • Easily overwhelmed • Imposter syndrome • Motivation issues or Procrastination • Not content with things • Life crisis • Family issuesIntergenerational trauma • Not speaking up • Perfectionism • People pleasing • Self critical • Emotional breakdowns

About Me

I’m a psychologist and an Asian therapist who can walk alongside you in facing these challenges. Together, we can break patterns that aren’t working for you. We can find the right balance of following your own path, while honouring your cultural identity in your way. 

If you’re ready to take the first step towards living life your way, contact me on 0456 237 658 or chris@enhancingminds.com.au whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia.