Calm Minds Program

Learn to manage key triggers in as little as 6 weeks and experience life saying ‘yes’.

We all occasionally have negative psychological responses, but when they prevent you from enjoying life the way you want, it’s time to take action. 

The Calm Minds Program uses a progressive combination of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), mindfulness and exposure therapy to treat specific phobia, anxiety and distress. 

Regain control over your thoughts and emotions and learn to manage how you respond to triggers. Stop saying ‘no’ to life and start living with presence, positivity and self-possession.

Our approach

Unlike our other therapy and counselling services, the Calm Minds Program is focused on helping you deal with specific negative thought cycles and responses in a short time period. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy allows us to pinpoint behaviour patterns and tackle each individually, to slowly break down negative emotional barriers.

Each session is curated with carefully tailored activities to desensitise you to triggers and help you effectively manage your emotions. The goal is to empower you to independently participate in the activities and environments, which once triggered negative behaviour patterns, in a calm, present and positive manner.

Challenges the program can assist with:

  • Phobias (animals, environments, situations)
  • Anger
  • Anxiety (panic attacks, general anxiety)
  • Depression

At Enhancing Minds, we understand therapy can be a big step for anyone, which is why our counsellors are committed to providing the most valuable experience, driven by our values and with you at the centre.

Who is right for Calm Minds?

The Calm Minds Program is the solution for you if you’re currently facing a phobia, anxiety or distress and are looking for practical, science-based ways to manage them in your daily life. 

We love that you can recognise these in yourself and want to be your partner as you tackle each.

What to expect

Through either a 6 or 10-week structured treatment program, counsellors work collaboratively with you in a series of workshops to teach you practical ways to regain control of negative thought patterns. You are gradually exposed to the source of your anxieties within a controlled environment in order to overcome fears and build resilient habits for the future.


Our qualified counsellors will help you understand how and why situations are triggering your specific thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


We will walk alongside you as you uncover anxieties, offering unbiased guidance. Together, we work to manage your triggers in a gradual and controlled way. 

Tailored action plan

No two people are the same. We develop your roadmap to independence with strategies, exercises and mindfulness that will work for you. 


We'll equip you with the tools to confidently manage future incidents independently and experience all that life has to offer.

How is CBT different to talk therapy?

While talk therapy provides a supportive space for exploration and expression, CBT offers a structured and solution-focused approach aimed at practical skill-building and targeted symptom relief. The differences between the therapies include:

  1. A more targeted focus
    CBT emphasises a focused approach on identifying and shifting specific unhelpful thought and behaviour patterns. Rather than exploring past experiences, it targets current issues and aims to address them directly.

  2. Practical strategies and skills
    CBT equips you with practical strategies and skills to make meaningful shifts in your thinking and behaviour. These skills are designed to empower you to actively and independently manage your triggers in the future. 

  3. Recognition and restructuring of unhelpful thoughts
    CBT teaches you to identify thoughts that contribute to distressing emotions and behaviours. By challenging and reframing these thoughts, you will develop healthier perspectives and responses to various situations.

  4. Barrier removal for goal achievement
    CBT breaks down barriers that may hinder you from reaching your goals and aspirations. It fosters personal growth and facilitates progress towards a fulfilling life.

How will you assess what program length is right for me?

Our assessment process considers multiple factors, including the intensity of the anxiety you're experiencing, whether you've been formally diagnosed with conditions like depression or social anxiety, and your capacity for practising techniques outside of sessions. By evaluating these aspects, we tailor the program length to best suit your needs, ensuring it aligns with your goals and allows for realistic progress towards improved mental well-being.

Can I commit to less than 6 weeks?

While we understand the time commitment can be challenging to accommodate, it's important to understand that CBT programs typically span 6 to 12 weeks to adequately cover the therapy necessary for sustained change. Opting for fewer than 6 sessions may limit the time available to identify unhelpful thoughts, acquire and practice coping skills, and troubleshoot challenges with your counsellor. This shorter timeframe could increase the likelihood of old thought patterns persisting or resurfacing. If committing to 6 weeks poses challenges, we can work with you to explore alternative options for skill practice, although these may not be as effective in achieving the desired outcomes.

What should I expect in my first session?

In your first session, we'll begin by collaboratively establishing your goals for the program to ensure our program aligns with your desired outcomes. We'll then delve into identifying the specific sources of anxiety you're experiencing, breaking them down to better understand their origins and triggers. Additionally, we'll explore any physical symptoms you may be encountering, which will aid in tailoring strategies aimed at effectively managing your anxiety throughout the program.

Pricing and FAQs

Based on the nature and severity of your particular challenge, our counsellors will make a recommendation on the program best suited to you.

If you are new to Enhancing Minds, a counsellor will contact you after your enquiry has been submitted, to make a recommendation.

6 week program10 week program
6 x 50 min sessions
1 session per week
$600 package
10 x 50 min sessions
1 session per week
$900 package

Calm Minds Program

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